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Testimony of Erika Dopatka, Langenfeld Germany
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Last summer I began to have discomfort in my groin which was very uncomfortable. This gradually became worse over the next couple of months. After visiting the doctors I was diagnosed with Epididymitis which is an infection of the epididymis around the testicle area. I was prescribed a course of antibiotics for a month which helped but, it soon returned at the end of the treatment. I went back to the doctors and was given another month’s supply this continued for four months.

I was then referred to the hospital for tests to eliminate cancer and was told that there was little that they could do for the discomfort but help with pain control for the rest of my life. I was then discharged and remained on the antibiotics. During this period I believed that I would be healed by the Lord in His time. After five months of antibiotics my health began to suffer other problems relating to taking the pills for such a long time.

There was a visiting speaker at our church who asked for people to come forward for healing but, I didn’t feel that it was the right time. Two weeks later and Philip was visiting our church for the weekend and after a powerful message asked for people to come forward for Jesus to heal them. This time I was led to go to the front as I believed God would do a miracle.

As pastor Philip prayed for me the Holy Spirit spoke through him and he said that “all the infected cells were being healed and that I would not die I would live”. Philip had no prior knowledge of my condition and within a couple of days the infection had completely gone, praise The Lord, and I have taken no more antibiotics.

We don’t always know why we have to go through these low times but, the healing only brings glory to Jesus for what he has done in our lives.

God bless you in your ministry.

Chris Thompson

Testimony of Erika Dopatka, Langenfeld Germany
When I attended a service by Brother Philipp with a friend, I suggested that she should go to see him for prayer, as she was battling several issues. So she agreed but asked me to accompany her. As we waited for prayer, the Holy Spirit spoke to me to receive prayer for my heart. So I agreed.

A previous X- Ray picture after suffering pneumonia showed that I had a small and unhealthy heart. This made me exhausted after being awake for only three hours prompting me to rest regularly and when I didn’t rest, I often became sick with flu like symptoms. When it wasn’t possible to rest during the day, I could not sleep in the night because of overstraining of the heart which led to exhaustion by the morning of the next day.

When Brother Philipp prayed for a regular heart, I fell under the power of God and felt the intense power of the Holy Spirit and a great heat. Brother Philipp said he saw me like I was laying on the surgery table of God and God was working at my heart. I began to feel my heart widening and the pressure and constriction faded away. I could finally breathe deeply.

Since receiving prayer, I don’t become exhausted after three hours anymore. I can work for 8-10 hours a day without feeling the need to stop regularly for rest or to sleep.

Praise The Lord Jesus that at the age of 66, I’ve received new strength and now my heart is now able to accomplish normal things as well as so much more.

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Just a few hours after Pastor Philip prayed for me, I checked my blood pressure and heart beat - and it was normal. Praise God! On Friday I had a heart doctor appointment and he gave me the go ahead to get some exercise and said come see him in a couple of months. Praise God again!

Yesterday I visited a new church since Arlington is quite a distance. It felt good to praise God with song. I always enjoy visiting new places...makes me really appreciate Robert's anointing and messages. Next week I'll probably go with my son and family as they'll go out of town the 22nd. Each day I feel better and better... and I hope to wind of this year as nicely as it started. But I plan on 2011 being a better, healthier new year. Just wanted you to know about the heart response.

God is using you mightily and I'm excited to hear more as time goes on.

Sharon Rose
International Consultant/Realtor